Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Celtic Knot in 3D-RAW

My son wrote instructions for this knot and I was the first in testing.
This is the little one in pearl-white and red remaining beads.

Yesterday I made the big knot in one of my favored color-combinations Light Bronze (0457L) and Aqua Matte (0018F).

You can get the pattern here:

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Ewa's pattern

Although I didn’t post for a while, I was not completely inactive. I tried some patterns from Ewa (

First I want to present the “Bella-Pendant”.

I used all the stuff, I had at home. At the same time I discovered, that my 8mm facetted beads seem to be slightly bigger then Ewas. I needed more seed beads 15/0 to weave around.

Then I worked at Peyote-Rings.
First I made the “Corinna-Medal” following the pattern, well with some more seed beads 15/0 around the 8mm facetted beads. In search of the right ring size, I rearranged all the keys we have.

My husband then brought me some rings with an inside diameter of 30 mm. Now the pattern was not fitting so I added another element.