Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

The next trip is starting

This time you will find me on board of the AIDAaura. From the 19th of August until the 9th of September I will hold beading-workshops.
I am looking forward to it and hope that I have the right projects in my suitcase.
See you soon.
Marlies Anna

Set "Burgos"

Christoph is writing instructions for a set. I tested it. Here comes my version:

And here you see a very special photograph. Please, pay attention to the plant. It is a cyclamen, which decided to grow and flower although we have 40 degrees. 

Pink "Goldstück"

To relax I crocheted. It is the necklace “Goldstück” from Brigitte Iländer.
My necklace has some, in my opinion, unusual colors.

Montag, 6. August 2012

Actual ...

I wanted a bangle in the same colors of a necklace, I have not finished yet. There were seed beads from Toho 0740 and Miyuki 0454 in the box.
Actual I wanted to begin with the Tohos but there were not enough, so I began with the Miyukis. Later I changed my mind and worked all in one color.
Actual it should be the “Stargazer-Bangle” from Heather Collin. I made already two, so I began without looking to the pattern. I must have turned off to a wrong way, because this is the result.

I made another one in topaz to test, if I will get it again.