Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Merry Christmas

I wish all my followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I have just finished the translation of my blog into English and as a little Christmas-present you can find the pattern here of my Sunflower-Necklace.

Again the numbers of the used colours: Miyuki seed beads 15/0 in 0148, 0514, 0008F, 0304, 2422F, 0520 and 0295.

Happy beading.

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010


A UFO has landet. I began this necklace more than two years ago. The bunches of grapes and the crochet rope had been finished for a long time but I could not decide, how to connect them all.

I used Miyukis seed beads 15/0. The brown rope is crocheted with 8 beads per round.

The bunches of grapes are composed by little crocheted, hollow spheres.


I started with the instructions for the "Royal Chains Lariat" by Kelly Wiese. I got a bit confused with the inches and yards, so it is now longer than I wanted. The necklace now goes down to the navel.

Of course I could not use pre-fabricated drops so I had to crochet.

The 3mm beads, I had in my store, were not the right colour, so I used 4 mm facetted beads but the pattern did not work with these, so I joined both parts by zig-zagging.


I began this necklace in September. I was inspired by a painting of Vincent Van Gogh and, even though it is Winter, some sunflowers always go on.

I used again Miyuki seed beads 15/0 with turkish crochet yarn nº 70. The colours are: 0148, 0514, 0008F, 0304, 2422F, 0520 and 0295

The circumference of the necklace goes from 20 to 40 beads per round and vice versa.


For months I was looking for a pendant which fits exactly with this T-Shirt. Now I have it.

The technique was clear from the beginning, the rest was created by experimenting. Here is a close up.

Good Bye, Annie

I had to say "Good bye" to a real good friend. She goes back to UK. I made this necklace for her:


When I saw a brcelet with cat-eyes in Peyote, I thought, thta it also would be nice as crocheted necklace. Here is the result:

The necklace changes from 20 beads per round up to 40 beads and back again to 20. I used Miyuki seed beads 15/0. I mixed all my grey left overs for the base.

Hibiscus Bracelet

Inspired by a Peyote-pattern by Perlicoti I designed and crocheted a hibiscus pattern with 60 beads per round.

I used Miyuki seed beads 15/0 in the colours 2442, 0141, 0209, 0228, 0146 and 2489; with the Turkish Crochet yarn nº 70.

It works also colourful

When crocheting the necklace from "Perlen-Poesie" I had the idea that it surely would look nice with more colour. Of course I had to try it. Here's the result:

Again I strung it in one go (10.76 m). I usted Miyuki Rocailles 15/0 in 0511 (pearl white), 0151 (dark blue) and the whatever the leftover box still had. The crochet yarn again was nº 70 Turkish cotton yarn.

Necklace from "Perlen-Poesie nº 5"

I also could not resist this great necklace from Antje Grünwald. I had to crochet. However, I did not completely follow the pattern. First, the colours were changed to silver/hematite, then I strung all the beads for the necklace at one go. I hate to knot threads. Here are the results:

I used Miyuki Rocailles 15/0 of the colours 0181 and 0451, Turkish cotton yarn nº70. It has already attracted attention during the development phase, because I had busy an entire waiting room. I am particularly pleased that even men have appeared interested in the discussion. The typical Spanish man holds otherwise distinguished distance to manual work :-)
In the sun, the chain looks like quite different:


Even I could not refuse the Capricho. Thanks so much for the great tutorial to Unicornio.

For my version I used seed beads and facetted beads in Dark Topaz.

Braid with structure

The pattern of this necklace was in the Advent-calendar 2007 from As long as it was already working on my list.

To make the braid stand out slightly from the background, I used seed beads in two sizes (15/0 and 11/0).

The crochet rope has a circumference of 10 beads. Here is a closer view:

Dots and flowers

Continue crocheting. First, a necklace with points had its turn. This pattern I had already crocheted three years ago. I loved this necklace, my best friend too. Therefore I have sought out this pattern again.

Also this necklace is nearly gone.
The second pattern are purple flowers, which also have been on the list for a long time.

And here's a shot in the shade. I do not know at all, which one is better.

Temptation in lila

As I have recently spent a lot of time sitting around in waiting rooms, I finally got back to crocheting. Here's my temptation in lila. The rope provides the framework for a stone that my husband bought me in Barcelona.

I used seed beads size 11/0 (no-name, leftover stock in the needlework shop nearby) and nº50 Turkish crochet yarn. Here is a detailed view:


I really liked the Galaxy-bead from the B&B February 2010. Mine shine to itselfs in warm colours.

Free Willy

Peetje presented on her blog a crocheted necklace, which she calls "Free Wille". I liked the pattern so much that I had to try it myself.

I crocheted using leftovers of 11/0 seed beads with 7 beads per round and turkish yarn nº 50.

The broken wave

When I first saw the "Waves of Pearls", I knew that I wanted to have it. It took a little longer, around one to two years, until I could call a copy of the instructions my own. It was republished in the Collector's Edition of Beadwork.

Yes and then I discovered that the waves did not lay the way I wanted. So I redesigned the necklace and completed it with a crochet rope.

As the main color I used Delicas No. 609, one of my new favorite colors.

In this form it lays nicely around the neck.

Finally finished

The crocheted spheres with triangle pattern, following the instructions on the second CD by Birte Jannsen and Birgit Bergemann, were now just lying around for about a year. Now I've finally managed to put it to a necklace and because I meant it a little too well, the rope has become too long, thats why I put the knot. But looks as if it was by design :-)

I crocheted with 15/0 Miyukis, I do not know the color numbers and nº 70 turkish crochet yarn. Here's a close-up:

A consolation

A good friend has given me this necklace as a smal consolation. I would like to show it. It has thus taken exactly my taste and it is something I would not bead myself.

Here is a close-up.


This is now the third attempt to make this piece. The first time I blew up a Delica, at the second attempt a stone fell from the mount when I was trying to get the crochet necklace through the suspension holes. Well, I finally did it. The pattern is by Laura McCabe.

This time I worked in the rope before closing the pendant.


The blog of "La Bijoutisse" is one that I particularly like. The necklaces in the Lace technique always look very elegant. Now I have ventured creating a copy.
Thank you, Coco, for the great instructions.

Here's a detail shot: