Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

If one takes a trip....

then he can tell or bead a lot. I am a declared fan of cruises and have used the days at sea on the trip to the Far North to do some beading.

Actually I wanted to crochet too, but I raised the pattern wrong all the time, so this necklace wandered back into the pocket, when I was still on the plane and hasn't been seen since. Somehow, my preparations were bugged from the beginning. I planned so much and then packed the wrong things.

First I started the Ruffled Bangle by Shelley Nybakke. In the middle of the process I ran out of beads and had to wait until I received a new oder of beads. But now it's been completed for quite a while.

Then I tried myself with Laura McCabe's "Cascade", just to find that the largest stone had a different cut than the other two. So it was rescheduled again, and the largest stone became the "Swirling Sun" from the B & B August 2008. The two small ones are now waiting for the big brother of the same cut.

Yes and then I made my largest project, until now; the "Collecting Leaves" by Linda Gettings from the B&B December 2007.

I made the necklace longer than described in the instructions and installed a different fastener.

Here's a detail-shot:

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