Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Entries 2009

This year I've been involved in two competitions.
First, there was the competition with the topic "Rainbow" on

For this I had thought up a rainbow in rope form. For it, I've taken three tones of each color, crocheted them with 30 beads per round with 15/0 seed beads and gradual color transitions. When the rope was finished, I had to, despite of the many previous calculations, notice that it did not lay at the neck at all, because it was too short for its thickness. Thus, I had to discard the piece for the contest and undo it.
Since the issue still was on my mind, I remade it, only making the crochet sections on each color a little longer, but I couldn't complete it on time for the deadline. Here is the result:

I then submitted a quick fix solution to the competition, which considering how it came into being, performed quite well. Here come the "Rainbow-Spheres":

Then there was the competition of I-Perlen with the topic of "Flowers". For this I crocheted a framework of 13/0 seed beads.

On this I sew the individual primula-flowers and leaves.

I think they're pretty close to the original flowers.

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