Montag, 20. Dezember 2010


On my last trip one of my necklaces remained on St. Lucia. Since I liked the pendant of "Interlocked Necklace" by Laura McCabe, I too wanted to have a necklace like that. A colleague of my husband also wants to surprise his wife with this necklace. So I made two similar ones. I've strung the pendant following the instructions, but crocheted the necklace. Then I could not decide which necklace I wanted to keep and have delegated the decision to the lords of creation. To prevent misunderstandings, the necklaces were given names:
So here comes "Hanni":

Of course the sister is named "Nanni".

Here are both sisters together. The decision was made, Nanni stays with me and Hanni goes on tour. I hope, her new owner likes her.

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