Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

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In 2008 there were a few crocheting competions, which were then splitted of from the competitions in the free technique, that is crocheting and/or all other beading techniques.

Right at the start of the year the topic of winter, ice and cold came up. Here's my contribution:

This necklace is crocheted with 11/0 seed beads. The igloo and the iceberg were crocheted or in Peyote with 15/0 seed beads.

I have run several trials until I found a way to fix an aurora on a crochet rope.

Then the topic, that has been my favourite till now, because I had so many ideas about it, came up. Due to lack of money and time I participated with only two pieces on the topic of "Egypt".
First I wanted to represent the Nile Valley, as I imagine it through the novels by Christian Jacq.

This necklace is crocheted with 15/0 seed beads. The palm fronds were made in peyote. The papyrus boat is an original creation on silver wire, to give it the necessary strength. For the river I've split up the rope to get more "space" to work on.

My second contribution was the "Sehetepibre's necklace of blessing" Here I have a rope crocheted with hieroglyphs. The name of the necklace came up when my husband tried to translate these hieroglyphs.

Here 11/0 seed beads are crocheted in to a necklace with 20 beads per round. The Cobra is also crocheted, the collar is made using the peyote technique. This necklace lays very well on the neck by its relatively large weight.

Then came the summer and so the “Summerholeswap”. Again a pattern and two colors there were given.
That came out of it:

In this rope I've crocheted 13/0 seed beads, that I brought from Vienna.

And then came the free contests. The first topic was “color is fun - Purple”.
For that I made this necklace:

The rope is crocheted and the leaves are made according using the technique for "Russian leaves". I used seed beads in 11/0.

Finally, there was still the subject of "Cellini". For that again I contributed something in purple.

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