Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

An elf

What does a woman do if she has been sentenced to a mandatory break? She sits in her corner of the sofa and works on stuff from their to-do list.
A project on this list was the garden fairy - La fatina del giardino - the guide was kindly provided by Renata Garlato. I understand Italian, if I hear it, so I had to read the instructions aloud. Renata would have enjoyed herself immensely, but it worked. Thank you, Renata, for those detailed and good instructions.

Because I've worked with left-overs, my elf came out blue. First it looked more like "Betty Boop" and with uncombed hair she has something witch-like. I like it anyway.

In contrast to the instructions (Brick stitch), I have beaded the wings in peyote.

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