Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Necklace from "Perlen-Poesie nº 5"

I also could not resist this great necklace from Antje Grünwald. I had to crochet. However, I did not completely follow the pattern. First, the colours were changed to silver/hematite, then I strung all the beads for the necklace at one go. I hate to knot threads. Here are the results:

I used Miyuki Rocailles 15/0 of the colours 0181 and 0451, Turkish cotton yarn nº70. It has already attracted attention during the development phase, because I had busy an entire waiting room. I am particularly pleased that even men have appeared interested in the discussion. The typical Spanish man holds otherwise distinguished distance to manual work :-)
In the sun, the chain looks like quite different:

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