Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Back to the roots .... or the other MSOI (Make something of it)

Concerning my current pictures, I have to go back a little. When I started with the wonderful hobby of beading, naturally I was looking for stuff at nearby stores. Finally, less than two years ago, a small handicraft craft store opened in the nearby urbanisation. The owner, Helen, is relatively open to the "Beading" even though the clientele, British women, mostly make cards. Helen was also very brave and ordered seed beads and other accessories. Unfortunately, she did not consult me before.

For the first year in which I mostly gave courses in the bead crochet, these materials were good enough. But since beginning of the next year my ladies also wanted do off-loom techniques. I have shown them the basics and we have worked with the material. Now they are getting better at it and the requirements of the material rise. After lengthy negotiations, Helen is now willing to order better material, as soon as eliminate the existing stocks.

So I sat down and created something from the inventory to animate my ladies and, since Christmas was arround the corner, hopefully also to bring one or the other piece to the woman (or man). Here are two examples:

The available material were: seed beads 11/0, purple frosted Rocailles 9/0, iridescent blue and blackberry, stars of glass, stones, round beads 8 mm in blackberry and out of my stock a couple of seed beads in 15/0.

The basic idea for the flowers came from the instructions for the "Petite Fleur" by Fofinha. But since I did not have the indicated material, the flowers were adapted to the available material. The necklace was made using the Herringbone technique.

The starfish is the well-known one from Alexargai, but in the combination of 9/0 and 11/0 seed beads. The rope is crocheted with 5 beads per round.

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