Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Competition entries (1)

I loved the crocheting competions in the, unfortunately they are currently not being held, probably the interest has shifted more towards free competition. Following are my contributions, which mostly took part only as „also-runs“, but which stimulated me to take interest in the given topics. Here are the gems from the year 2007.
On the subject of bracelets and bangles, I contributed the following:

This bracelet is crocheted of 2 mm bugles, without fastener, the spiral was split into three parts and plaited, and then combined again. Even though it did not do very well in the competition, it has quickly found a lover, who often wears it.

My second article on this topic was this bracelet. It sits openly and has a solid wire as internal structure. The dragon motif was drawn by my son. I have crocheted seed beads in 15/0 with 30 beads per round.

In the summer there was a swap. The scale and pattern were given and two colors colours could be used.

Then came the topic of “forest and meadows”.

It was the fault of this little owl that I did participate in this competition. I saw it and knew what I would make of it.

Here are some detail shots from the branches and, yes, crocheted leaves.

The topic of the last competition this year was “children jewelry”. I really liked the idea a lot, unfortunately, the feedback from the hospital, where we donated the parts, was very thin. I wanted to make something that a boy could like, so I crocheted a key chain.

Yes, and it is hard to believe that this Teddybear was the winner.

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