Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Competition Colour "Green" - Part 2

My second contribution is the green lizard and I can not believe it, it made 1 Place in the contest colour "green" by

I am particularly glad that a crochet was able to stand out between all the laborious looming, and embroidery.

First, I did not have any good ideas on the topic "Green", until I saw a magnificent specimen of a green lizard in our garden and so the idea to crochet one of these animals came up. My lizard is 54 cm long from nose to tail, which comes pretty lose to the natural model.

It was a free interpretation of nature. For the body and tail I mixed Rocailles 11/0 in various shades of green and, for the body I added 318 Bicones 3 mm. The Bicones are in various precious and semi-precious stone colours.

I started at the tail end (3 beads per round) and chrocheted towards the head. Since the head was not so easy to crochet, I let the neck end in a ball, crocheted the head separately and then slipped it over the ball and sew it.

I would also like to thank all the passengers of AIDAaura, Deck 6 starboard side, which have always remotivated me when I was once again on undoing something.

The head was sculptured with an open mouth. For the eyes and tongue, I used seed beads in size 15/0.

The legs were made separatelly, increasingly crocheting with from 5 to 15 per round and in each case they end in a hemisphere. The claws were strung.

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